Roy & Alex Pizzinni – CANTERBURY

Thanks Mr Pesty (Vik) . Little story called some idiot pest control this afternoon because I had a serious bee problem where I had bee’s starting to nest. This idiot lived up the road and said to me good luck and hung up on me. I then found Mr Pesty and what a life saver he was thank you very much. I have 2 little children and it was about 7:00 pm on a Sunday. He said I will be there in 15 minutes, charged a fair price would have been willing to pay more if I had too. Great friendly service, prompt and professional highly recommend. Thank you once again. – Roy


Thanks so much Mr Pesty, came out at 7:15 pm on a Sunday night to fix our bee infestation problem, great and prompt service!!!!
Will definitely recommend to everyone and anyone!!!
Thanks again!!!! – Alex